MF Engineering & Designs have been providing professional design services for our clients throughout Massachusetts for over twenty years.


Our Values

Our approach and philosophy to providing engineering services have been developed over many years, drawing on experiences in a variety of different organizations, from the minimal consulting practices to construction companies and across numerous industry sectors.

Our approach is captured in the following tenets:

  • Integrity – professional and technical to give our clients the most realistic and best practice to move forward.
  • Sustainability – how we manage our business and in design drawings and computations.
  • Safety – of our people and others, safety in design and practice.
  • Construction feasibility – ensuring our designs are safe and realistic with todays up to date standards and methodology.
  • Innovation – in our design and management of projects.

As the future keeps coming, we adapt our processes and teams to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest.

How we work

At the heart of our business philosophy is a desire to develop long term partnerships with clients through the delivery of high-quality projects that are on time and within budget. This philosophy shapes all of our business decisions and ensures that for each project we commit to, the resource implications are fully understood.

We now have a network of Consultants (our Associates) and partner organizations, all with a lean management structure and similar values and work ethics. We can, therefore, tailor our resources to suit specific project requirements and can add specialist services where required. We can work on projects of varying sizes from the one-off inspection to multi-million dollar new builds with engineering teams scaled to suit.

Our back-office support and systems allow our project engineers as well as our associates to focus on project delivery and build on-going relationships with clients as we all have an interest in delivering successful projects.

All projects undertaken by the company will be managed by one of our consultants who will lead the civil/structural design and be the prime client contact and interface with other project team participants.

We believe that clients and project developers need a degree of certainty concerning engineering scopes and costs. Where project scopes are well defined, we can provide lump-sum fees; alternatively, where scopes are less well defined, we can work on hourly rates with a maximum estimated fee value.


We are known for our exceptional ability to provide quality services to our Clients. Our management and staff are known for their exceptional Client service, local knowledge, and technical competence. We are always ready, and have the ability, to find solutions to design challenges.

Insurance Claim Disputes

Often we are engaged in giving a second opinion on structural concerns and findings related to causes to compare with engaged insurance engineers. It is no secret that some consultancies are biased towards there clients' requirements, in particular to larger organizations that provide ongoing works that form close relationships. At MF Engineering, we undertake INDEPENDANT STRUCTURAL INSPECTIONS on behalf of our clients, which does not favor any party in a dispute.


Our highly trained and experienced team is accustomed to converting land to the best possible use taking into account client design manuals, architectural constraints, utility conflicts and landscape objectives. From residential and commercial developments to industrial projects, our experience is broad. Our site and infrastructure solutions are key to the financial viability of a project, and innovative infrastructure and storm-water management solutions not only form the framework for the site, they help define the final design.


When it comes to structural design, you need consulting engineers you can trust. With innovative structural design and practical solutions MF Engineering can deliver real results. Our structural design services extend from structural building inspections, construction advice and certification to the structural design of high-rise buildings, Residential additions and alterations as well as the industrial design for light and heavy industrial developments.


Residential, Commercial & Industrial related Site Inspections. From Structural Assessments of New Homes to Independent Third Party Inspections. Before you settle on your property, consult with our engineers to look over the property to find out what you will expect post purchase.


We provide analysis of site conditions and foundations, and design of foundation systems based on careful consideration of seismic design criteria; subgrade susceptibility to expansion, shrinkage, and movement; stability of slopes and engineered structural systems; and other related factors.


Our site and infrastructure evaluations help our clients understand the potential impacts of site conditions on their project costs before they make financial commitments, resulting in dramatic cost savings and reduced risks.


We work with many types of structural systems including, wood and timber frames, structural insulated panels (SIP), insulated concrete forms (ICF), reinforced concrete and CMU block structures, custom steel and metal buildings as well as composite retrofit systems for building alterations. We do the structural design of your project from feasibility and system selection to detailed construction documents quickly and efficiently. This approach enables us to incorporate structural systems with building design while saving our clients time and money.


 analysis and design

of retaining walls

As an accomplished engineering company that possesses a wide variety of technical expertise in the design and structural engineering field, MF Engineering can also provide detailed analysis and design of retaining walls for residential and commercial purposes. At MF Engineering & Designs, our expert staff continuously learn and adapt to better methods for the design and engineering of retaining walls.

Retaining walls are essential structures designed to restrain massive amounts of soil that will otherwise slide away from foundations or cause damages to their surroundings. We aim to provide our clients with the most visually pleasing, structurally sound, and economically feasible structure given any criteria and location. Whether it be a new retaining wall or a damaged one, MF Engineering is fully capable of providing thorough calculations along with clear and concise construction documents to address each issue. We aim to provide our clients with the most visually pleasing, structurally sound, and economically feasible structure given any criteria.